The nokia 920 killer

I frequently move my SIMCARD from phone to phone, testing applications, OS features and things like that.

With the iPhone 5 and it’s nano SIMCARD I found myself with a small form size dilemma:


The iPhone uses nano, the Nokia micro and sometimes I need a full simcard so I started using small plastic adapters as my “solution

What seemed like a good idea at first turned out to be the Nokia 920 Killer!

The Nokia 920 is a very delicate piece of engineering, in which the mechanism that holds the SIMCARD in place is specifically designed for micro SIMCARDS.

The first two times when I used the adapter it felt a little forced when removing the SIMCARD, the third time it was really difficult. Well, that third time broke the mechanism.

I brought the phone to the local Nokia shop and they returned as irreparable, claiming that the broken part wasn’t available as a replacement since it was part of the whole phone mainboard.


Later a sad reality in life revealed to me: The guys in those shops, not just Nokia but Apple and everyone else are not there to help you repair your old electronics but to help you make the decision to buy a new one.

That reality was very clear later when trying to get the guys at the Apple shop to replace an internal battery for an iPad. They had ready a very compelling speech of why it was better for me, mankind and the whole universe to just buy a new one …

With that in mind I searched the web for the part and there it was, U$1.90 !!!!

International shipping was U$6 !!! and it got here in less than 2 weeks.

I took care myself of disassembling the phone following one of the many youtube videos,  then I brought the phone to a small local electronics shop, they charged me U$ 10 for disordering the broken part and soldering the new one, an guest what? GOOD AS NEW!!!


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