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Continuous Integration & Deployment of a NuGet Package with VSTS

In this post I’ll show the configuration steps to setup a CI/CD in Visual Studio Team System that from a repository build, packages and publishes a NuGet Package. To publish a NuGet Package you will need a NuGet server. There are lots of options, and VSTS itself provides one. In my case I setup one […]

The nokia 920 killer

I frequently move my SIMCARD from phone to phone, testing applications, OS features and things like that. With the iPhone 5 and it’s nano SIMCARD I found myself with a small form size dilemma: The iPhone uses nano, the Nokia micro and sometimes I need a full simcard so I started using small plastic adapters […]

Running the alm virtual machine in azure apRIL 2015 edition

Last month I found myself doing ALM training and demos for a couple of customers, of course using the great ALM Virtual Machine by Brian Keller. With laptops having less and less RAM I choose to set it up in the cloud and found a few web pages with the steps to do it, however […]

google 2nd step verification and windows phone 8

I’m moving from iOS 6 (iPhone 4) to Windows Phone 8 (HTC 8x). One of the apps I’m missing from iOS is the Google Authenticator that provides one time passwords to authenticate to google. Looked around and found the Authenticator application: Recommended on the Karspersky blog Immediately installed it, then proceeded to Google […]

FIXING Configuration Error– ‘oracleDBBinding’ could not be found

This error shows up with web applications and/or web services that use the Biztalk LOB Adapters for Oracle and the server doesn´t have the required assemblies. To fix it just install: The WCF LOB Adapter Then the biztalk adapter pack And declare the binding either on the machine.config for the whole server or in the […]

cca hosted controls and focus

Scenario CCA R2 for Dynamics CRM 2011 A non global dynamic hosted control whose panel is the main panel A workflow step that produce changes on that hosted control Use case The user is in a session, start a workflow that activates the hosted application. The user choose other application from the main panel. The […]

messenger + skype all in one with the new skype

As announced by Paul Thurrott (@thurrott) the new skype has Messenger Integration How it Works? First, install the new version. It’s the 5.11 Beta Version, Run the setup and after the install, if you have it previously running sign out, then sign in with your Live Id Account:   And then, SKYPE offers to […]