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Continuous Integration & Deployment of a NuGet Package with VSTS

In this post I’ll show the configuration steps to setup a CI/CD in Visual Studio Team System that from a repository build, packages and publishes a NuGet Package. To publish a NuGet Package you will need a NuGet server. There are lots of options, and VSTS itself provides one. In my case I setup one […]

Running the alm virtual machine in azure apRIL 2015 edition

Last month I found myself doing ALM training and demos for a couple of customers, of course using the great ALM Virtual Machine by Brian Keller. With laptops having less and less RAM I choose to set it up in the cloud and found a few web pages with the steps to do it, however […]

Moving tfs 2010 databases from sql 2005 to sql 2008r2

During the weekend I assisted a customer in the move of TFS 2010 databases from SQL 2005 to SQL 2008R2. The scenario also included Sharepoint Fundation 2010 and SQL Reporting Services. MSDN offers a very complete guide about this procedure, , however the guide warns about possible problems if the SQL Server version is […]

Migrating from local TFS to TFSPreview

TFSPreview, the Team Foundation on the cloud offered by Microsoft is a very good alternative, specially for distributed development teams. It’s currently free and invite only but the invite codes are relatively easy to get. I asked for one in the page and got it in two days. Account activated, TFS available but what […]