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cca hosted controls and focus

Scenario CCA R2 for Dynamics CRM 2011 A non global dynamic hosted control whose panel is the main panel A workflow step that produce changes on that hosted control Use case The user is in a session, start a workflow that activates the hosted application. The user choose other application from the main panel. The […]

messenger + skype all in one with the new skype

As announced by Paul Thurrott (@thurrott) the new skype has Messenger Integration How it Works? First, install the new version. It’s the 5.11 Beta Version, Run the setup and after the install, if you have it previously running sign out, then sign in with your Live Id Account:   And then, SKYPE offers to […]

Who needs a pdf reader when you have google chrome

When settting up a new Windows PC one of most boring and time consuming task is setting up all the required utilities, 7Zip, Antivirus, Lastpass, …, Yeah, I know of Ninite, , it can automate most of the process, however I prefer to run the installers myself so I won’t end up with lots […]

Random pictures for your Website

Have you ever been working on a website and the pictures are not ready yet? End up spending hours in adjusting sizes only to fill a placeholder while the final layout is defined? Well, looks like you’re not alone, certainty I have been there myself and looking for a solution I find this great […]

Installing JungleDisk desktop in a Godaddy VPS

So I got this Virtual Private Server in godaddy with Windows Server 2003 and everything works and looks normal but some things just doesn’t work. Well, one of those is JungleDisk Desktop. Godaddy setups up the server with 10Gb of storage which is more than plenty for most web needs, however for a business requirement […]

Upgrading Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2007 to 2010

This upgrade steps are for the scenario where there is a central shared database. 1. Download the Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2010 Database tool from microsoft: 2. Make sure there is no users using the shared database by letting them know in advance that using the shared database during the upgrade will cause […]

Creating a digital lossless movie library

I got a bunch of original movies in DVD. They look fine in the shelve but they are DVDs, so they need to be taken of the case and put on the player, plus they get dusty and scratched. My dream is to be able to have them in my hard drive and play then […]