When dealing with installing the on premise version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 you will find a couple documents on MSDN, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Planning Guide and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Installing Guide. I find those lacking a lot of detail with the real steps and requirement for the installation, however I found this excellent and […]

When settting up a new Windows PC one of most boring and time consuming task is setting up all the required utilities, 7Zip, Antivirus, Lastpass, …, Yeah, I know of Ninite, http://ninite.com/ , it can automate most of the process, however I prefer to run the installers myself so I won’t end up with lots […]

During the weekend I assisted a customer in the move of TFS 2010 databases from SQL 2005 to SQL 2008R2. The scenario also included Sharepoint Fundation 2010 and SQL Reporting Services. MSDN offers a very complete guide about this procedure, http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms252516.aspx , however the guide warns about possible problems if the SQL Server version is […]

TFSPreview, the Team Foundation on the cloud offered by Microsoft is a very good alternative, specially for distributed development teams. It’s currently free and invite only but the invite codes are relatively easy to get. I asked for one in the page and got it in two days. http://www.tfspreview.com Account activated, TFS available but what […]

Last night I was setting up a new box for a web site migration and lost a lot of time with that 3 issues. I used Web Platform Installer to setup most of the server hoping that it will leave everything working as expected, however I found that is not the case. First I needed […]

Frequently is very desirable that the request and the pages served to the user from the Web Application are delivered under https. Why?, because otherwise the data is transmitted in plain text over the wire or over the air if using WiFi and can be intercepted by other people. How hard it will be to […]

Have you ever been working on a website and the pictures are not ready yet? End up spending hours in paint.net adjusting sizes only to fill a placeholder while the final layout is defined? Well, looks like you’re not alone, certainty I have been there myself and looking for a solution I find this great […]